Organizing Your Social Media Marketing System


Marketing your business on social media is not a one-and-done posting process—creating a successful brand presence takes many moving parts! It can be easy to get overwhelmed without the proper planning and team resources. Here are our tips and tools to help organize your social media marketing system so you can focus on creating engaging content.


Organizing Your Social Media Strategies

The first step in organizing your brand’s social media content is to know what you want to accomplish with your social media plan. Are you a growing business that should focus on brand awareness and lead generation, an established company focusing on conversions and customer experience, or working on rebranding and wanting to focus on reintroducing your business to the public? Depending on your objectives, your strategies will need to be fine-tuned.

Some questions you should ask yourself as a business or marketing leader are:

Is your branding ready to roll out? Your messaging, imaging, and voice will need to not only make sense for your brand story and the reputation you want to project online and be consistent across all channels and content.

Which social media platforms would best help you reach your goals? First, consider your customer persona and where they spend their time (and money) online.

Do you aim to utilize paid advertising through social media? This would involve having room in your marketing budget for such campaigns.

What other strategies are you using to help bolster your social media? This can include email campaigns, an accessible and mobile-friendly website, a blog or podcast, and more. These are all places you can promote your social media channels and direct your audience from social media.

Part of a successful social media strategy is having a well-structured and knowledgeable social media team behind you. If you want to partner with an influencer, you’ll need an Influencer Marketing Manager on your team. If your brand already has an in-house social media team in place, make sure they’re training regularly on the constant shifts in social media technology and best practices. If you need to develop, check out our guide on growing your social media team!


Organizing Your Social Media Ideas

Coming up with social media content ideas can sometimes feel hit-or-miss due to the ever-changing mood of the internet. However, here are some tactics to help your team assemble consistently successful ideas for your brand:

Ideas Based On Your Industry. Research keywords related to your business, then build content ideas from top hits. Also, peek at your competitor’s content and think about how you can surpass them.

Ideas Based On Your Business. What about your business internally can you share on social media? Behind-the-scenes content about staff, operations, products or services, and even content production are all ways for audiences to get to know your brand’s culture.

Ideas Based On Social Media Network. Certain types of content perform better on different platforms, so research what works best for the networks your brand uses. You can also conceptualize dynamic content to repurpose in different forms to cross-post; for example, writing an article for LinkedIn that you rewrite into a YouTube video.

Ideas Based On Your Analytics. If your brand has already been on social media for a while, then put your metrics to work for you. Look at your high-engagement content as a jumping-off point for similar ideas, give them an update, recycle them into different forms, and more.

When it’s time to combine your ideas and organize them into actionable tasks, ensure you have the technology in place for your team to coordinate and collaborate. Hybrid and remote roles are still increasingly popular working options, and your team members may have different brainstorming styles when self-directing versus when they can bounce ideas off each other. Establishing a regularly scheduled virtual meeting space like Zoom or Microsoft Teams will help ensure smooth social media content idea compilation.


Organizing Your Social Media Content

Whether on a yearly (calendar or fiscal), seasonal, or even monthly basis, be thinking ahead about when you want to enact certain strategies. We highly encourage you to work from a content calendar. This way, you can plan content ahead for holidays, around industry events, and for key promotional periods. Furthermore, batching your content (doing a bunch of creation in bulk) will help you meet your calendar deadlines because you’ll already have the content done. This is especially helpful when you may need to rearrange your calendar based on shifting news and trends that can come up on the fly.

Your team can stay on the same page using tools such as Google Workspace and Trello. These types of collaboration hubs make it easy to coordinate content themes for different weeks or months, compile content items like branding assets and client- or user-submitted photos, and keep track of any necessary approval processes all in one place. Plus, they’re comprehensive systems for organizing by each strategy, project, channel, or whatever categorization system works best for your team!


Organizing Your Social Media Posts

As we mentioned, social media trends and news can change on a dime. This is where social listening becomes crucial. Huge world events like the COVID-19 pandemic changed everyone’s marketing strategies, and viral sound-bites from TikTok or Instagram Reels can have almost daily turnaround. Make sure your team always has ears and eyes open before hitting that “Post” button.

One thing that makes the actual post drafting, scheduling, and publishing organization easy for the whole team is publishing platforms. Meta has their own for Facebook and Instagram for instance, and can connect to other tools like Shopify. In addition, tools like Sendible and Hootsuite can integrate most of the top social media networks from one platform and websites. They can also track each post’s metrics so you can analyze engagement and other relevant KPIs.


For more insights on each of these social media marketing topics, check out our blog and 10 Minute Marketing podcast. Also, if you want a personalized experience for your business on how to optimize the organization of your social media marketing, our team at Go Getter Marketing Group works with every client to develop a comprehensive social media strategy to launch on today’s popular social networking sites. We also host specialized and holistic social media marketing online trainings, custom workshops, and webinars. Contact us to learn more about how our social media marketing services can work for you!