Your One-Stop Shopping Campaign: Selling on Facebook & Instagram


When you run an eCommerce shop, it goes without saying that you’d probably like to get free access to millions of targeted potential customers for your online business. Some of these potential customers are the most engaged online! Even if you’re only just launching your brand today, you could grow it without risking tons of advertising money, stressing out when probing various ways to drive sales and increase profits, or dividing your focus between various marketing channels.

This is possible when you create a successful shopping campaign on Facebook or Instagram. Also referred to as Dynamic Product Ads, Shopping Campaigns help advertisers retarget audiences or appeal to potential customers using a dynamic product feed. The targeted audiences are individuals that have checked out online products in their feed and added them to their carts. Shopping campaigns are also helpful in targeting customers that have shown an interest in your products before.

The Benefits of Facebook and Instagram Shopping Campaigns

There are three key advantages of Facebook and Instagram Shopping Campaigns:

Retargeting Capabilities

With Shopping Campaigns, advertisers can retarget people if they have viewed their products, added their products to carts, or purchased recently.  So, advertisers seeking to retarget previous buyers can cross-sell and up-sell their products according to previous purchases.

Prospecting Capabilities

For prospective customers, the Facebook Shopping Campaign offers advertisers the “broad audience targeting” option. When using this option, Facebook shows products to individuals that have shown an interest in the same or competing products.

Streamlining Capabilities

You can connect your shopping campaigns to various services like Shopify to streamline your business. More on this later…

How to Create a Shopping Campaign on Facebook

Clickable banner to Request A Custom Facebook Ads Training.As the eCommerce field gets more and more competitive, advertisements are filling the online space. In response, consumers are becoming increasingly immune to ads, which explains the shockingly low banner ad click-through rate. To drive sales and increase profits, you must focus on running better ads instead of more ads.

If you are trying paid advertising on social media for the first time, you might find it intimidating to create a Facebook Shopping Campaign. But it doesn’t have to be. Follow these steps to configure a successful Dynamic Product Ad:

1. Create a Facebook Business Manager account

Although you can use your Facebook Business Page’s Ad Center, it is not advisable because of its limited functionality. Instead, it’s recommended to create a Facebook Business Manager account because it will help you manage all your pages, audiences, analytics, and ads, as well as offer access to collaborators, among other benefits.

Go to Business Manager and click the “Create Account” button in the top right corner.

Enter all the relevant information and click the hamburger menu in the top left corner to access the ads manager.

2. Set up your Facebook pixel

The Facebook pixel reports conversions, builds audiences, and obtains insights on your website visitors’ behavior.

Since you have created your Manager Account, follow these instructions to set up your Facebook pixel.

3. Create your first Facebook Shopping Campaign.

With your Facebook Business Manager and Facebook pixel set up, you can proceed to create your first campaign.

Focus on creating a simple Facebook Shopping Campaign. Ensure the campaign focuses on driving traffic to your landing page. Choose an image or a set of images that resonate best with your product’s target audiences.

Once you’ve decided on your marketing objective, go to your Facebook Business Manager page and tap the green “Create” button to get started!

How to Create a Shopping Campaign on Instagram

Before you begin:

  • Select a current Shopping post that you can run as your campaign creative
  • Tag products from your catalog to create an organic Instagram Shopping post, or
  • Use a single carousel or image post for your Shopping Campaign.

To run an Instagram Shopping Campaign:

1.    Go to Ads Manager and tap “Create.”

2.    Select an objective from the available five options.

3.    Choose an audience.

4.    Tap “Edit Placements” and choose “Instagram Explore” or “Instagram Feed” as the only placement.

5.    Choose “Use Existing Post” at the ad set level.

6.    Select the Shopping post you would like to run as a campaign.

7.    Finish your campaign’s details and select “Continue.”

You have now created your Instagram Shopping Campaign, and you can track its performance just like Facebook campaigns!

How to Connect Your Shopping Campaign to Shopify

You don’t need any coding experience to integrate your Facebook and Instagram Shopping Campaigns with Shopify. It’s even possible to integrate them simultaneously to ease your marketing efforts. Follow these instructions to learn how to link your Facebook and Instagram Shopping Campaigns with Shopify to streamline your business.

Now you can join the many other brands who’ve found success using Facebook and Instagram Shopping campaigns! For more tips on how to maximize your digital marketing with Facebook Ads, on social media, and more, check out our blog. We encourage you to also contact us to learn how we can help transform how your audience engages with your brand, or discuss a free consultation!