You Need More Than Fresh Content – 5 Unique Social Media Posting Ideas

Smart marketers know that inbound marketing is the way to go. They also know that social media is one of the primary tools of inbound marketing. One of the biggest challenges many growing businesses face is coming up with fresh social media content ideas. If you don’t already have a content calendar, it’s time to create one. And when you do it, plan for content that is not only fresh, but diversified. Here are 5 ideas that will help you do just that:

Clickable banner to Request A Custom Social Media Training.1. The Breaking News Post

Do you follow what’s happening in your industry or niche? If you don’t, you probably should. And you can leverage that information by posting industry-specific or niche-specific stories on your social media pages. A good way to tap into that news is to set up Google alerts for applicable keywords.

2. The Useful Resources Post

The web is full of useful resources – many of them free. When you find useful e-books, online courses, productivity software, etc., share links to them. Also include your own brief comments about how that particular resource has helped you, or how it might help your audience.

3. The Review Post

Writing and sharing an in-depth review of a book that’s relevant to your industry or niche is a good way add value through social media. You can also write and share comprehensive reviews of the useful resources you share as described in idea 2 above.

4. The Blog Comment Post

Leveraging comments from your blog post readers is a great way to foster social media engagement. When people see that you care enough about what others have contributed to your blog conversation, they’ll be much more likely to share their insights about your social media posts. Of course, you’ll want to share comments that add to your points. To do this, you can either cut and paste the comment or, better yet, create a link to the comment itself.

5. The Answers To FAQs Post

Do you have a frequently asked questions page on your website, or some interesting or unusual questions that come via Twitter or Facebook? Answers to these questions can make for some great post material. You can even ask your followers to comment on the questions and your answers.

By diversifying the types of posts you share, you’ll keep you social media pages more interesting and engaging, and your followers more interested and engaged. To learn more about how to keep your social media content fresh, or for help getting your marketing ideas off paper and into action, contact us.