A Simple Guide To Launching Shorts


Similar to the snackable videos of Instagram Reels and TikTok, YouTube has its own short-form video: Shorts! These videos take 15-60 seconds and are designed to help brands and creators drive engagement. YouTube Shorts are very easy to create. Here is our simple guide to why you should make YouTube Shorts for your business.


Benefits Of Using YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are easy to create and upload.

You only need a little equipment to create YouTube Shorts. Instantly create your videos using a phone with the YouTube app. Once you are done, the video goes live immediately. Or, if you have a completed video downloaded to your computer or mobile device, you can upload it to Shorts through your channel’s YouTube Studio, just like longer-form content. We prefer mobile uploads! Just make sure you keep your video under 60 seconds, or it will not be eligible to appear as a Short on YouTube.

Creators can use YouTube’s built-in creation tools to edit, add music and animated text, and control the speed of the footage. In addition, you don’t have to rely on professional video editing software to edit YouTube Shorts.

It has a huge potential audience.

YouTube has 2.1 billion monthly active users around the world. 3 out of 4 adults in the US watch YouTube from their mobile devices. With this huge potential audience, it is easier to gain subscribers using YouTube Shorts. Viewers are also more interested in short videos rather than lengthy ones. Therefore, YouTube Shorts can increase growth faster than other short video platforms. YouTube Shorts can enable beginners to get about 500 views within one week!

Some brands that had difficulty marketing on TikTok because of algorithmic complexities or poor connection with Gen Z audiences can now engage with audiences from a broader range. Short videos from YouTube can attract more mature audiences than TikTok or Instagram. The size of the video is also small, making it possible to post 20 to 30 videos per day and get more views. Once you successfully engage the audience, you can create extended versions.

Shorts do not expire.

Unlike Snapchat and Instagram Stories, which expire after 24 hours, Shorts remain on your channel in a designated tab. As a result, you can use the videos for long-term repromotion or repurposing, people can search for your videos at any time, and audiences can still come across your Shorts through searching or viewing similar content.


How To Create YouTube Shorts

Download the YouTube App

YouTube Shorts are designed with the mobile user in mind. Tools you can use to create Shorts are available in the YouTube App. Don’t worry about adding another application to edit or create videos before uploading to YouTube. Sign in to the app using your regular YouTube channel to sync between your standard YouTube videos and Shorts.

Tap “Create a Short”

Start creating the short videos by holding or tapping capture to start recording. You can change the length of the video to 60 seconds by tapping the 15s in the upper right corner. There is also an option to upload videos from the phone’s library.

Use built-in video creation tools

As mentioned above, YouTube Shorts has built-in tools and features for creating attention-grabbing videos. Some common features include a clock icon for a countdown when filming hands-free, the reverse undoes arrow, rotating arrows to switch camera, a timeline icon to add text, and the 1X button to speed up and slow down.

Add music and sound to Shorts

You can tap the “Add Sound” button below the progress bar to add music and sound. Sound can improve the viewing experience of your YouTube Short. The app has music, and a sound library that can be added after the video is finished, in the middle of recording, or before you hit record. When you add music to your video directly in the app, you should not run into any copyright issues. However, if you upload your video with included music, be sure to include royalty-free music. 

Upload the video

The final stage is to upload your YouTube Short for your audience. Once your video is ready, tap the “Next” icon to move to the final step. This is where to add additional details such as descriptions and your intended audience and pick the listing for your video.


Marketing Your YouTube Shorts

Viewers can find your Shorts by tapping “Shorts” at the bottom of the YouTube app and on the YouTube homepage and your channel page. Make sure to consistently call your audience to action to Subscribe to your YouTube channel so your Shorts are easily available to them, to turn on Notifications for your channel so they’re the first to know when you post, and to Like your videos so that the YouTube algorithm will more readily offer your content to viewers.

If your brand does also use other video-focused social platforms, you can cross-promote your YouTube Shorts by also posting them to Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Snapchat Stories.


At Go Getter Marketing Group, we can transform your social media marketing by bringing your vision forward and carrying it through various digital marketing channels. Contact us today and learn how we can help you create the best YouTube Shorts for your brand.