Digital Branding Assets For Every Business

Every business knows how big a role Branding plays in displaying a strong company image. But also, have you considered how your brand displays across some of today’s popular digital channels being used? As a business owner or marketing manager, make sure you’re thinking of ways to create a consistent brand image across all your digital media channels. To help narrow down what may work best for your business, here are our recommendations for top digital branding assets to consider:

Instagram Stickers 

Instagram has come a long way in engagement since launching its Swipe Up feature for Instagram Stories in 2017. Today, users can adorn their Stories with a variety of Instagram Stickers, from questions, quizzes, and polls to countdowns and product links.

Adding stickers to your stories doesn’t only enhance them, making them more visually appealing and fun for your audience. They also communicate that your brand is in touch with the times and committed to providing followers with the best possible experience. You, therefore, need to utilize Stickers for your branding efforts if your marketing strategy includes a regular Instagram presence.




Relevant Content 

That image you share on Instagram, that video on Facebook, or that in-depth post that displays thought leadership are all completing your company’s online branding. One piece at a time, your image, your influence, and your persona are emerging. If you think about it for too long, you will start to be excited by the potential of your content.

The power of online content is that once you set it free, then it moves about the web and into corners of cyberspace. Now it is crawled and indexed by search engines and is shared on social networks. It emerges on search results and builds your brand online. So, always make sure the content you put out is aligned with your business’s story, goals, and values.


Branded Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom 

Let’s face it, your personal or home office space may not be as neatly organized as you’d like, and it could affect your professional reputation. A branded Zoom background can easily solve that challenge for you and your employees, saving time and headaches for all involved.

A virtual background allows you to display an image (or video) as your background instead of whatever is naturally behind you. You can even use photographs of nicely decorated office space as your virtual background and then improve it by adding a touch of your brand identity.


Font Files  

Believe it or not, not all fonts are created equal. If you are unaware of the fonts your business uses, a free Google Chrome widget, Fonts Ninja, allows you to pull the fonts being used on any web page. These will most likely be your brand’s fonts and will help you track them down for your business. Ensure that your company or business uses fonts that are clearly readable and appealing to your prospective customers.


Live Production Brand Videos 

Professionally photographed and produced videos for your brand should be genuine, honest, and real, focused on customer relationships and uplifting moments. They should incorporate real people, not actors. Each curated asset should be given direction and purpose. One other method of doing this is implementing Live Videos on your social media. You don’t need a full crew to do this, you can just use your smartphone or computer. As long as your audience gets the opportunity to see and interact with you or your team, connecting with you beyond the screen, you’re growing trust in your brand.


Snapchat Geofilters 

Snapchat’s rise has been meteoric. Over 293 million users watch billions of video clips daily. The platform has transformed video storytelling, and its native tools have incredible social media marketing value. Now, you can create your own specific geofilters and use them to advertise to your audience.

Snapchat geofilters are the perfect way to harness your audience’s attention because they’re already digesting your content. Geofilters make it easier for your audience to engage and promote your product or brand organically.



Your brand’s website gives you a chance to promote interesting content which draws customers to your company. Things like blogs, podcasts, and other digital content are a driving force for a lot of new sales and loyal customers. The key to a website is to treat it as more than just a way for customers to get in touch and make purchases. Instead, make it a comprehensive digital realm that is the center for interesting content and new ideas. The ultimate goal is to attract people to the website regardless of whether or not they are seeking out your specific product or service.


At Go Getter Marketing Group, we are thought leaders in all facets of brand strategy, social media, and digital marketing. Our goal is to bring your vision forward and carry it out through various digital marketing channels. Contact us today to find out more about how we can level up your brand assets and engage your audience.