Launch Your Social Media Strategy In 2021 With 6 High-Ranking Video Styles

Here’s an interesting fact to know if you are a small business owner: Roughly 85% of all U.S. Internet users watch video content each month. Another study revealed that 93% of businesses found a new customer through their online video content. So, if you are trying to establish an online brand, build traffic, and boost sales, it’s time to consider integrating video marketing into your current strategy or find ways to improve your existing video content. To help, here are the top types of video content that will get you the best results.

How-To/Tutorial Video

YouTube has become perhaps the most prominent venue for online learning. Whatever problem you may have, you can almost be guaranteed to find a solution video on YouTube. From how to tie a necktie to complex calculus calculations, you can find all that interests you on YouTube. As a brand, this means by creating tutorials on topics that your target audience is most interested in, you can increase traffic and viewership and generate more sales through this channel.

Product Review/Demo Video

A product review video works best when customers are in the consideration phase of the buyer journey. Review videos don’t need to be lengthy. As long as you get your point across and offer the customers all they need to know about the product, even a short video of 30 seconds will do. To maximize exposure, distribute your video not only on YouTube but also on Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, and your other video-compatible marketing platforms.

Testimonials Video

What motivates your potential customers to make a purchase decision when all they know about your product is from what they read online? Having testimonials from current and past customers will figuratively put a stamp of approval on your product. When existing customers speak highly of you, potential customers will feel more confident to push the buy button.

Live-Streaming Video

By 2021, live-streaming hit a projected landmark of being a $70.5 billion industry, and live stream videos enjoy 10x more engagements than traditional videos. Many brands have already utilized Facebook and Instagram’s live-streaming features to sell to their customers. With live-streaming, you can easily interact with your viewers and give them a feeling of instant gratification when their questions or comments get acknowledged right away. Wonder what sort of content is suitable for a live-streaming session? Here are some suggestions:

· Live Q&A session

· New Product Promo

· Behind-the-scenes type content

Interviews Video

As human beings, we love to hear the opinions of influential people. By interviewing key figures in the industry about important issues that your audience cares about, you are one step closer to establishing yourself as a thought leader in the niche. The interview should follow a set of guidelines; however—it shouldn’t create a feeling that it is scripted. The best part about interview content is that you can easily create a series of interview videos by expanding your interviewees’ list. It’s a great strategy to boost viewership and brand awareness, especially since you can cross-pollinate audiences by tagging and being tagged by your guests.

Behind-The-Scenes Video

Customers are interested in getting to know you as a brand they use and as a personality. The best way to build loyalty is to connect with customers on a personal level. By creating behind-the-scenes videos showcasing your company culture, people will not only get to know your brand better but can also choose to stick to it because they identify with your values.

These are only some of the most effective video content types that you can implement right away to achieve outstanding results for your video marketing campaign. Make sure to do your research on what videos seem to get the most views and engagement in your industry. For more tips on maximizing your digital strategies with video marketing on social media and more, check out our blog and podcast. We encourage you also to contact us to learn how we can help transform how your audience engages with your brand!