Your Best Blog

So you have a blog. You update it weekly (or daily), you link to it on Twitter and you make it available on your website home page. That’s great, but are you doing enough to get even more followers and readers?

We’ve already talked about marketing yourself, but there is just as much importance in marketing your blog. Here are some tips:

1)      Target your content – Know your audience and know what kind of content they will respond to best. Then write it.

2)      Make it look good – Have a unique design, professional logo and clean layout.  You want your blog to look different from everyone else’s. Spend an extra couple of bucks buying an original and creative theme. Thesis Theme ( and Elegant Theme ( are two good options.  In addition, make sure you have a good tagline that can explain your blog in just a few words, but grabs your readers’ attention.

3)      Be different – Everyone can write a post about Twitter/SEO/sales etc. Make your post unique. Take an original slant on a common topic and give them something different to think about.

4)      Be a guest blogger – Getting one of your posts published on a top blog will drive lots of traffic to your blog. This is not an easy feat though. Rehashing already-known wisdom won’t make the cut with top tier blogs. Be different!

5)      Make your subscription simple – Put your RSS button at the top of the blog so readers can easily click to follow. Offer email subscriptions, provide links to mobi feeds and offer one-click subscriptions using reader links to Google Reader and other remote site readers.

6)      Utilize social media to its fullest potential – Don’t just link each blog post to each handle; do more. On LinkedIn, you want to be all about business. On Facebook, show a little of your personality and on Twitter, shine the spotlight on your blog.

7)      Teach, don’t sell – If you are a company that sells products or services, your immediate response to your blog is to use it to sell. Instead, teach your followers something they don’t know and post news from other sites that may benefit them.

8)      Collaborate – Influencers are key. Find out who they are and collaborate with them to link to one another’s posts and tweet and comment on each others’ posts. You’ll drive more traffic to each party’s blog!

9)      Optimization – use longer keywords for better SEO and be as specific as possible. Google’s keyword generator ( can help with this.  Place these keywords in headlines, sub heads and in blog posts.