Where to Spend Your Money in 2011

As we look ahead to 2011, many business owners are wondering how to step up their marketing game to increase their brand’s exposure. I recently got my hands on a report sent out to Interactive Marketing professionals from Forrester, a leading research company. Based on what I read in this report, I thought I’d share a few insights on a few indicators of where businesses should put their marketing dollars in 2011.


Social Media Marketing. If you run a large organization and utilize social media marketing, consider integrating your marketing or PR department with IT and Customer Service. The balance and use of social media marketing is now crossing into several channels of organizations and these channels need to be aligned to one cohesive structure or plan. Social media marketing will continue to be in the forefront of how companies gain credibility, exposure, and leads in 2011.


Mobile Programs. If you have not yet established a mobile marketing program, there will still be huge opportunities to do so in 2011. Most organizations are still in “test phase” with mobile marketing. Geolocation plays a role in this too. Websites like Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp Places, and Facebook Places are slowly growing in popularity but they aren’t mainstream yet. If you are looking ahead then this is something to consider integrating in 2011. This type of outreach to consumers can work particularly well for retailers and restaurant owners. And if you have no clue what Foursquare or Gowall is, then you might consider contacting Go Getter Marketing Group.


Video Advertising. In 2011, you will continue to see an increase in the number of advertisements displayed when you stream videos online. If you’re a company that utilizes videos a lot to interact with your customers then this is good news for you. You’ll now have a desirable place for advertisers to get their message out and a new revenue stream for your business.


These are just a few small areas to consider spending your marketing budget. According to Forrester, you might also consider devoting about 10% of your marketing budget to “experimentation” meaning there will continue to be new marketing technologies and as you expand you might devote some money to trying what makes sense in your company.


I’d love to hear your feedback and if any of these types of marketing methods have worked well for your small business.

Have you been thinking about establishing your presence in any of these areas….Social Media, Mobile Programs, or Video Advertising?