Violetta Znorkowski Talks Routines, Self-Discipline & Meditation With Our Co-Founder on “Expand and Impact” Podcast

In “The Transformative Power of Breaking Routine, Intentional Self-Discipline and Meditation” episode of the Expand and Impact podcast by Violetta Znorkowski, our co-founder Sonja Crystal Williams talks about the daily practices and rituals that have helped her redefine what’s truly important to her and awaken the courage to pivot her career by following her intuition and betting on herself.

Sonja shares her experience with meditation before it was a widely known and accepted practice, Tony Robbins events, gratitude, her annual practice of intentional self-discipline and the mindset that helped her to break free from expectations and societal labels and redefine success for herself and for her family (even when most people didn’t understand it at first).

They also unpack:

  • What qualities to look for in a life partner so that you can grow together with a shared life vision instead of growing apart

  • How to build real courage and confidence that allows you to change your mind, try new things and reinvent yourself

  • The role self-reflection and meditation plays in understanding your personal beliefs and values and the impact they have on your decisions, self-perception and emotional state

  • The power of creating a supportive circle and network around you and the truth of what this looks like

  • What self-trust actually looks and feels like and how to truly cultivate an unshakeable self-trust and confidence within yourself that can’t be taken away from you when external circumstances change…. Be it money, relationship status, how you look.

Tune in to their conversation on Episode 21 here: