The Inside Scoop On Instagram (November 2023 Update)

Tis the season for social media updates! They’ve been very busy over at Instagram, recently rolling out content creation updates to the platform. Here’s the scoop:

Instagram Posts Upgrades

Screenshot of an Instagram post draft pointing out the new Music feature for carousels and being excited about new photo filters.Good News
  • New photo filters
  • Improved preview window for picking from your Camera Roll
  • Add music to your carousels! Select from Instagram’s own list of available music clips or add your own.
  • Invite up to three accounts on posts, carousels, and Reels with Collabs! When the invitation is accepted, your shared post will appear on each of your grids and follower’s feeds. This even works if any of your collaborator’s accounts are Private, as long as all collaborators are mutually followers.

Learn more about these features in Instagram’s official announcement here.



Instagram Reels and Stories Upgrades

Screenshot of an Instagram Reels draft with an example of the "Add Yours" sticker.Good News
  • New “Undo” / “Redo” button for video editing
  • Updated music library options and expanded Reels Music Chart location availability with Spotify
  • New option to turn any part of your photo or video into a custom sticker
  • Improved text-to-speech voices and updated font and style text options
  • New Media Clip Hub for adding audio to your videos
  • Streamlined Drafts panel
  • New templates, added customizability, and improved Template Browser
  • Creators can use the “Add Yours” sticker to invite followers to submit user-generated content to your prompts! You probably recognize this feature from the sticker options in Stories, and now you can do it in Reels as well. If you choose a follower’s Reel to recognize, they’ll be notified and their submission watchable by all unless their account is Private.
  • Deepen your understanding of your Reels’ performance with the new “Replays” metric! If your “Plays” count seems to have gone up, it’s probably because it’s counting both “Initial Plays” and “Replays” now. This applies to Reels posted on Instagram and Facebook, and should even be updated again soon to show you an interactive Retention Chart.

Learn more about these features in Instagram’s official announcement here.


Instagram Subscription Upgrades

After a great response to launching Subscriptions last year in the United States, Instagram is rolling out this service to eligible creators in ten new countries with more to come! If you don’t already know, Instagram Subscriptions is a similar feature to YouTube channel memberships. Creators offer exclusive content and benefits access for different price points, and can recognize who these elite followers are with Subscriber badges next to their usernames when they engage with your content. Learn more about this feature in Instagram’s official announcement here.


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