Reaching out through webinars

Web conferencing: great way to get a bunch of ...
Web conferencing: great way to get a bunch of smart people to stare at a wall for am hour. (Photo credit: davidherrold)

Advertising, social media marketing and lead generation. All these are valuable processes to market your business and you probably are already using them. But are using webinars? These online education sessions build brand awareness, position your company as a thought leader and utilize topic experts to educate.

A webinar is a web seminar, hence the word “webinar.” The host company advertises the webinar weeks in advance and allows interested “guests,” usually clients of the company, to register. At the time of the scheduled webinar, registrants sign in through a portal where they can overhear the speaker through the computers’ speaker. Some of these portals include GoToMeeting, Webex and Webinar. The webinar begins with a moderator, usually a company employee who introduces the speaker and the topic.

Once the speaker begins, the webinar is presented via PowerPoint and is  usually a 20-45 minutes presentation with minimal slides (15 – 20). At the end, the speaker allows for about 10-15 minutes of questions from the registrants who just listened to the webinar.

You can utilize webinars for any topic you want. Want to educate your clients on the power of social media? Host a social media marketing webinar. Want to teach them how to gain better ROI? Host a session on that topic.

Here are some ways to market your upcoming webinar:

 Start with your current list of subscribers and send them an announcement email. Offer them an exclusive discount with a deadline if you are going to charge for the webinar so they sign up quickly.

 Add an opt-in window for the webinar to your web page(s). This is a great way to get interested visitors to attend the webinar as well as adding them to your mailing list.

 Write a press release announcing the upcoming event.

 Announce the upcoming webinar via social media.

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