Quick Guide: What Does An Influencer Marketing Agency Do?

Gone are the days when potential customers could be found sitting in front of a television screen with minds malleable to constant adverts. It worked in the past, but today, consumers realize the difference between an advert and the power of influence from a trusted individual. You guessed it: Influencers.

The influencer simply says the word — and often a discount code or some other perk – and their audience listens. It’s almost as good as word-of-mouth marketing. And when leveraged correctly, companies and organizations have the potential to bring in sales and profits at an exponential rate.



The Inner Workings of Influencer Marketing 

Chances are, you’ve already witnessed influencer marketing in motion without realizing it. It can be a YouTube vlogger recommending a particular product or an Instagram influencer showcasing a specific clothing brand. Because of the influence these people have, their followers trust the endorsement and take action.

Businesses and brands today are aware of their power of influence. By approaching and having these influential online figures endorse their products, the brand engages in a more powerful type of marketing that taps directly to the consumer. Sometimes such collaborations can be about brand recognition. But for it to work, marketers need to find an online public figure that is related to their line of work. For instance, a fashion company would do well if they teamed up with a fashion blogger. This natural fit makes the collaboration more authentic.


Why Have A Dedicated Influencer Marketing Team? 

An example of an influencer outreach message. Source: JoinStatus.

There are numerous marketing campaigns of this type out there. From host giveaways and affiliate marketing to sponsored social media content, the list goes on. But your team must put in the legwork to reach out to these influencers before the campaign can even take off.

Reaching out to social media celebrities isn’t always that easy or cheap to navigate. So, let’s look at the significance of having a marketing team in place that specifically deals with this branch of digital marketing.

1.   Save Time & Energy

The process of creating this type of marketing campaign can be time-consuming. Any marketer with experience in this area can tell you that for free. From tracking down and vetting potential influencers to negotiating payments or incentives is quite a process. Having a team familiar with cultivating these relationships will simplify your behind-the-screen time and effort.

2.   Use The Right Social Media Networks

Influencers are everywhere these days. From Tik Tok and Instagram to YouTube, it can be a lot for any seasoned marketer to know where to even begin. An influencer marketing team can recognize which online celebrity on which platform would fit with the current campaign your business is planning. For example, if your target audience is Gen Z, your team would get to work on partnering with a popular TikTokker.

3.   Leverage Change To Remain Competitive (And In The Black)

Social media networks and the way consumers utilize these networks is constantly evolving. A team that deals explicitly with influencer marketing will always stay on top of shifting and current trends online. They are more likely to identify the influencers who align with your brand values and image, which can help foster trust in your business from beyond your existing followers. By reaching a wider and ready-to-spend audience in a single campaign with the right influencer, you can effectively capitalize on the internet’s fluctuations in both conversions and dollars.

Screenshot of an influencer marketing outreach tracking spreadsheet.
Example of an influencer outreach tracking spreadsheet a digital marketing agency may use. Source: Influencer Marketing Hub.


How To Instate Your Own Influencer Marketing Team

With all that said, how do you even hire an influencer marketing campaign team for your business? Here’s what to look for:

  • Expertise: Do they display masterful knowledge in influencer marketing? Try looking for a team with an existing website and an established authority in the area.
  • Clients: The team should have successfully worked with at least a few companies or organizations. The team should be able to provide a list of clients who recommend them.
  • Credited: Never work with a team that doesn’t have any certifications in social media marketing. If such certificates are not displayed on their website, ask for them.


Having a team dedicated to influencer marketing can save a lot of time and money. Moreover, the team can help take the guesswork out of your social media campaigns and help bring in large and trusting audiences integral to the future of your brand.

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