Podcast: Digital Marketing Thought Leaders

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s always so much that’s constantly changing. And with that constant change, comes the need to keep up with different people in the industry who provide a lot of valuable information and insights. So today, we’ll walk you through our list on who some of those top people. Whether you’re following their blogs or checking them out on social media, these would be some great resources you could pay attention to.

Introduction (00:00-00:05)

Topic (00:05): Our Top 8 Digital Marketing Thought Leaders


#1 (1:15): Neil Patel

If you’re in digital marketing, you should know who he is. Neil Patel has been around for about a decade. He has a wonderful YouTube channel that you can follow. He also has a “Marketing School” podcast that he does with the co-founder of an agency called Single Grain, and of course his blog.

Neil Patel covers anything and everything around digital marketing. He will give you tips on how to get ranked on Google. He will give you tips on how to maximize your YouTube and video marketing efforts. He’ll tell you, “These are the kind of campaigns I’m running on Facebook and Google Ads and the success I’ve had.”


#2 (2:53): Nisha Chittal

Nisha is currently the engagement editor for Vox, as well as a journalist, strategist, and editor, and she has managed strategies at several media companies. You might have seen her in the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2016. She has great things to say about productivity and social media and content. On her website, you can read her weekly newsletter, watch the videos from speaking events, and more on her website.



#3 (4:14): Amy Porterfield 

Amy is really great at teaching people how to grow their email lists. She is the go-to person for digital marketing around selling digital products, like training courses, or if you just want get better overall online marketing strategies, and ways that you could grow your email list. She has a lot of free downloads that you can access that’ll help you get started, as well as a podcast.




#4 (5:29): Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a very highly published marketing author. You might have read his books on permission marketing and social media and the other business sides of marketing. He developed Yoyodyne to promote the permission marketing strategy. He’s also been Yahoo’s VP of direct marketing and launched Squidoo, which was another majorly popular website. He has an extensive blog and podcast, as well.


#5 (6:26): Brian Dean 

Brian Dean with Backlinko is the guru when it comes to search engine optimization for getting found on Google. He’s shifted his focus recently to YouTube and video optimization. He does a lot of case studies. He tests things out in the real world, he tests things out with his own marketing, and then he tells you the results. So, anecdotally, he’s telling you what works, what doesn’t work, and just things you could test out that will help you with your SEO growth, both video and Google search. He has a wonderful YouTube channel where he has tons of videos up, and he just walks you through the how-tos of doing a lot of this stuff. If you go to his blog on his website, he has a wealth of great information on how to really improve everything SEO-related.


#6 (7:52): Pamela Vaughan

Pamela is the principal marketing manager at HubSpot. So even if you don’t recognize her name, you have probably read her articles on HubSpot. She specializes in conversion rate optimization and conversion copywriting. She has a 200% success rate with increasing organic search traffic and leads for the HubSpot blog, and is super funny while doing it. She does regular blog posts on HubSpot, as well as stock photo modeling.



#7 (8:38): Tony Robbins 

Tony isn’t digital marketing specific. He is very well-known when it comes to being in business, being an entrepreneur, and self-development for career professionals. His online content is great, but he is actually someone I regularly go see in person. If you’re under 35, you may not know who he is. He used to run infomercials in the ’80s, so he’s been around the block for 30+ years now. He also does a few conferences around the world every year on what’s called business mastery.

So if you are someone who’s thinking about getting into business for yourself, already are, or even a partner at a business, or your family runs a business, then his are worthwhile events to go to. Pay attention to his content. He does talk about things in the world of marketing, but just also general business and development knowledge.


#8 (10:53): Bozoma Saint John

Bozoma is currently the chief marketing officer for Endeavor, and she also used to be the chief brand officer for Uber and the marketing executive for Apple Music when they integrated with Beats Music. She’s a very high-powered woman, bold and innovative and just cool. She is known as being a big change agent, making big and vast changes in business marketing for the better. She does many speaking events and videos with women in leadership and marketers in leadership.



Final Thoughts (11:51)
We call these our digital thought leaders. These are the people we’re paying attention to. If you’re not paying attention to anyone, find someone in this space if you wanna learn more and really improve what you’re doing as a marketer. That’s how we’ve been able to cultivate success with a lot of our clients: by learning from the best, paying attention to what they’re doing, going to see them in person when we can, and following them. Because they’re the ones trying new stuff out and testing it, and then we have the opportunity to listen to that and then apply it to our own marketing.


Closing (12:56)

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