The Pocket Size Way to Advertise

Most everyone has a smartphone these days. That means we spend a lot of our time browsing the Internet and apps on our mobile devices. In doing so, we all encounter lots of mobile ads on our phones every day. But there is more to mobile advertising than simply putting yours out on the cellular interwebs. Here are some tips.

1. Go Local – Utilize geo-targeting by target customers by their zip code. Customers will be reached based on where they live and what they’re interested in locally.

2. Utilize ad networks – These networks connect advertisers to mobile websites that specifically want to host ads. Advertising on a network will get your more impressions and as a result, more clicks. One of the most popular is Google’s AdMob. To see a list of notable mobile ad networks, click here.

3. Don’t base it all on cost-per-click – A recent Harris Interactive survey showed nearly half of mobile
users clicked on a mobile ad by mistake. This means half of mobile advertising dollars are wasted. So
when advertising on mobile, be wary of solutions that charge on a cost-per-click basis.

4. Use mobile apps – Mobile websites aren’t the only platforms to which to advertise. According
to several studies, people are beginning to spend more time on apps instead of mobile web.
Consider advertising on apps instead of web and you may see an uptick in clicks. Apple’s iAd is a great tool to use for Apple devices.

5. Engage people with deals – According to another Harris Interactive survey, almost two-thirds of
mobile app users prefer mobile ads that contain coupons, deals, or newsletters over commercial and
video ads. In addition to this, ads should include a relevant call to action and stress exclusivity.

6. Integrate across various online platforms – Figure out a strategy to integrate other online tools to
use AFTER a customer has clicked on your ad. Maybe that means following up with an email (aka email
marketing) or inviting them to get involved on your social media outlets. Whatever it is, just be sure to
reach out, follow up and stay in touch!