Phil Better Talks With Our Co-Founder About Her Entrepreneurial Journey

In the “From Corporate Job to Digital Boss: Sonja Crystal’s Story” episode of Invest In Yourself: The Digital Entrepreneur Podcast hosted by Phil Better, our co-founder Sonja Crystal Williams talks about journey she took to entrepreneurship after corporate life.

Sonja shares potent networking strategies that propelled her business forward, including her proactive use of LinkedIn and Zoom to connect with clients beyond her locality. Also, how she leverages her preference for certain content types to create compelling digital marketing material and the role of cutting-edge tools like Chat GPT and HubSpot in driving innovation. 

They also unpack:

  • Repurposing video content to maximize reach,

  • Batch content creation to maintain consistency,

  • Reflections on personal health and continuous learning,

  • Balancing work-life after becoming a parent,

  • Cultivating meaningful connections for business growth.

Tune in to their conversation HERE!