Our Picks: 5 Droid Apps for Business

What makes business life, personal life, and careers so much more productive and easier to manage? Apps!

So here’s  5 of our favorite apps that work well to add in your arsenal for business and/or pleasure:


Helpful for small business owners and entrepreneurs who need to manage multiple social media accounts in one place. Hootsuite is easy to manage on mobile devices and let’s you manage your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn updates in one place.

It’s easy to stay organized with Evernote. Helpful for taking notes, managing photos, and more. For example, if you just ate lunch and need to keep a receipt to expense it later then you can just snap a shot of it with your camera phone through your Evernote app and it will store it. (That’s easier than scanning in receipts during tax season)

Google Voice
Syncs your Google voice number with your cell phone and allows you to make outbound calls and texts from your cell phone guised as your Google voice number.




A mobile payment solution that works a little differently than Paypal. Square sends you a free card slider that you place into the audio jack of your cell phone. You can take instant credit card payments with your phone.


Lunch appoinment? Dinner date? For the Atlanta market, ScoutMob has some of the city’s best restaurants and retailers with anywhere from 20% off to free.