Marketing with Mobile

Chances are you have a smartphone. If so, you know what a mobile app is and what mobile sites are. But do you know how to utilize them for marketing?


Let’s talk mobile sites first. If you have Internet capabilities on your phone, you know it can be annoying visiting a website and trying to view it in its entirety on the small screen. Mobile websites are user-friendly and are easy to navigate. If your business has a mobile site, customers are more likely to visit because they now they can easily use it. In fact, recent studies have shown companies without mobile websites risk losing up 40 percent of their site visitors to competitors and about 57 percent of their site visitors will not recommend them to other potential customers. Makes you think twice about getting on the mobile marketing train doesn’t it?

Best of all, mobile sites easily support ads. Small banner ads can on the bottom or top of the screen.

Mobile apps are just as effective. Mobile apps can be customized however you like and can have multiple features. Apps generate data as well as small amounts of ad revenue.  So for a consumer group, this is quite valuable. For businesses, direct marketing through apps can be tracked and you can see the success of your efforts. Apps are very useful for events as well. Holding a conference or trade show sometime soon? Develop an app with show information, registered attendee names, schedule, area map, updates and more.

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