How to Measure Your Website Traffic for Free

Once you’ve launched your company website, it’s important to keep up with the traffic that visits your page. Utilizing a measurement tool for web traffic can help you realize whether or not you are seeing a return on your marketing investment. Web analytics can also give important indicators we need to know, such as: If visitors go on the home page and immediately leave the site, what countries and cities are visitors coming from, how many people visit the website per month, how many people return to the website per month. With our clients, we utilize web analytics to help us trial and measure our marketing initiatives.

Google Analyticsis a popular tool that many small businesses use to measure web traffic. It’s free to use and gives the website owner the ability to see how many people visit the page on any given day. It’s also very user friendly, providing charts and graphs of specific pages people visited and keywords they typed in to find your site.

Similar to Google Analytics, Get Clicky gives detailed reporting on visitors to your website such as where they are from, what pages they visited, and how long they were on your site. In addition, one of Get Clicky’s cool features is it’s social media feature. It also provides real-time web analytics to your web page, Twitter account, and YouTube video views. Get Clicky has both free and paid subscriptions, and we recommend the $9.99 per month subscription to take advantage of its premium features.

For more businesses who want more advanced details about , try Optimizely. Optimizely’s plans start at $17 and gives you the opportunity to truly test the effectiveness of your website. The idea behind Optimizely is that you can test variations of your home page (or pages within your website) to see which variation converts the most traffic or visitors to your site. Back in 2010, we heard about Optimizely while it was still in beta-testing. The company’s founder was the social media mastermind behind President Obama’s 2008 campaign and used the tactics shared on Optimizely to help businesses effectively increase web conversion rates.