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Google. It may be the most well-known word in the entire world. But did you know the most-used search engine also features several other products and providers that can make your job easier? Here are some Google products that you can use every day.

Google Docs

Forget keeping an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of campaign results or client budgets. Google Docs allow you to keep a document “in the cloud,” meaning it can be saved on the interwebs and not on a server. Docs allow you to share documents with others whether you let them edit them or not. Users can keep as many documents as they want with as much content as they want, including tables, formulas and data.

Google Calendar

This is a must for any busy professional. Google Calendar allows you to keep several calendars, color coded differently so you can see everything in your life all at once. You can schedule events to take place for an extended period of time or at the same time every week. Another great feature of Google Calendar is you can set reminders for events via pop-up or email, so you never miss a meeting or appointment.

Google Alerts

Say you manage the website for a tourism bureau in Florida. You would want to know what is going on in the city and upcoming events taking place. You can set up a Google Alert to send you local news from that city. Every time that city is in the news, that article is sent to you through that alert.

Google Talk

Forget AIM. Google Talk allows you to chat with others via webcam or instant messenger. Instatly send images and files via text chat and talk for free via voice chat. Users can also use Google Talk for audio conferencing to talk to multiple people at one time.

There are many more products Google offers but these are just a few that can make your life a little easier. For a full list, visit their products page.

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