Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for Beginners – Nov 15

Does your web & marketing team realize that Google Analytics has shifted to an entirely new version? Register today for this Google Analytics 4 training. This 3.5 hour online/virtual training course is designed to get you familiar with how to co-manage your Google Analytics dashboard with Universal Analytics and the newer version, Google Analytics 4.
If you are responsible for managing your company’s website analytics and reporting on a marketing manager, this training is for you. Think of this as a hybrid course that bridges some of the basic knowledge and skills you need to know to understand key reporting metrics in Google Analytics (Universal) along with bridging you into an understanding and knowledge of how to set up and create metrics in Google Analytics 4.
This course covers
– How to upgrade your Google Analytics Universal version to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
– Setting up event tracking and goals in GA4
– Google Tag Manager Basics (connecting GA4 and Event Tracking)
– Viewing reports and data in GA4
Who is this course is for?
People who want to learn more about Google Analytics
Marketing Teams
Website Managers
Please note: This course assumes you have already have a Google Analytics account set up and a base understanding of how to pull reports and view data. If you are completely new to using Google Analytics, please contact us for details about our full-day training on Google Analytics Basics.


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