GA4 For Marketers – June 10-11

GA4: What Marketers Need To Know

Understanding GA4 for marketing teams, leaders, and businesses.

Monday & Tuesday, June 10-11, 2024

9am-5pm EST – Quebec, Canada

About This Course:

In this two-day workshop, Google Analytics 4: What Marketers Need To Know will get your team prepared to use GA4 through a hands-on, interactive, training that will ensure you and your team are set up for success in Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Attend this workshop to understand key tips for tracking and reporting data.

What Will You Learn?

In our GA4 workshop, you will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with GA4’s new, improved dashboard. We’ll complete group activities that will require you to understand how to gain valuable insights from the data, track important metrics on your website, and organize key metrics and website behaviors into GA4’s new reporting tool, Explorations. Your team will walk away with expanded knowledge of the tool’s features and how to use it effectively to deliver data.

Is This Training Right For You?

This training is ideal for Marketing managers, social media teams, digital marketing teams, SEO specialists, business owners, who already use Google Analytics but want in-depth knowledge on how to implement use of GA4 to make better marketing decisions based on data.

What You Can Expect After This Training?

You and your team will have an enhanced knowledge of GA4. You will know:

  • How GA4 is different from UA based on reporting, new terminology, and new reporting features.
  • How to find and analyze Traffic Report data from site visitors.
  • How to set up and track Events.
  • How to set up and track Conversions (formerly known as Goals).
  • How to generate reports to view landing page traffic, various traffic channels, website visitor behavior, and more.

Where Will This Training Be Offered?

This event is private. If your team needs private course (whether just a few-hours workshop or a more detailed 1-2 day session like this one, both available online and in-person), contact us for details on how to book a custom training event.