Five Tips On Getting Your Website To Convert Better

When you initially built your website, you might have placed too much focus on design rather than on things that might convert visitors. This is an easy mistake if you were new to the online business world at the time.

It’s not too late to hone in on things that interest your visitors so they don’t hesitate to take action on something. You have to take these people on a buyer’s journey encompassing everything from content to differentiation.

These five steps will help you start improving conversions, even if you still need patience to reap the benefits.

1. Understand What a Conversion Really Is

Keep in mind that a “conversion” doesn’t always mean a visitor buying something. You can look at a conversion as those who opt in to your content, or signing up for an e-newsletter.

Even registrations to attend a webinar or outside event you’re organizing would become a conversion.

Semantics are important when you’re analyzing digital marketing. Look toward what you want your visitors to do. Of course, it could mean all of those prior things over a period of time. They may need a specific order to take your visitors on a journey to finally purchase your products.

As Neil Patel points out, conversions can’t happen unless there’s a trigger involved. These next steps will show you what those are.

2. Create Content That Provides a Value Proposition

Start creating content you know your prospects want to see. Putting together lead personas may need doing first so you don’t waste time creating things you know visitors won’t want.

Once you have compelling content, you need to place a value proposition there. The latter provides the real reason why someone should buy from you.

Are you selling your products to solve a particular business problem for your leads? Or is it just a product you know will make them feel good?

Add this into all content. Remember, though, your value proposition needs to differ from your competitors. Even if it’s just one thing differentiating you from others, it’s one essential element to converting more leads.

3. Design a Landing Page

A landing page is one of the best ways to convert visitors quickly because you can outline your value proposition all in one page without scrolling.

On a landing page, you’ll want to indicate what your company offers, what makes you different, and explain easy steps to take a call to action. To make all this work on one page, do some A/B testing for a number of weeks to see what works and what doesn’t.

You may have to vary your text and images to make sure you have the proper balance and stay brief in explaining who you are. Some of this could come down to very subtle things, like what color you use on your call to action button.

4. Post Customer Testimonials to Establish Trust

There isn’t a better way to bring a strong sense of trust in your brand than with videos of customer testimonials. These bring major clout and prove any hype you’ve managed to build up in your content.

It’s always better to let customers speak for themselves rather than force them to read from a script. Capturing them off-the-cuff with complete transparency is the way to convince a visitor who’s on the fence to finally make a decision.

If you can, add social proof where major companies you’ve worked with provide their logos as a form of testimonial.

5. Optimize for Page Speed

Remember, the majority of those visiting your site are now finding you on a mobile device. These users expect easy navigation on your site, including a page speed loading in seconds.

You’ll need to optimize toward this if your mobile edition of your site takes more than three seconds to load. It can mean the difference between someone sticking around and possibly taking action, or leaving for a competitor’s faster site.

This and the other tips above will reduce your bounce rates and bring a compelling experience for users to inspire a conversion.

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