Exclusive Content For Your Followers

Exclusivity content keeps your faithful followers happy, but it also makes them feel like a valuable part of your business or brand. Many marketers fail to realize how exclusive content can be a privilege for their followers. Here are some tips and ideas for your business to show your audiences your appreciation! 


  1. Member Only Videos 

Videos have the potential to foster engagement and they’re a powerful marketing tool. If you’re interested in using videos as exclusive follower content, consider IGTV. Your brand can create exclusive IGTV videos regularly to appeal to your followers. Create a brand niche that’s important to your brand, but also caters to your following. 


  1. Newsletter Exclusively For Subscribers 

Create an engaging newsletter that caters to your loyal followers. For example, consider user-generated content, use your social media business account to tease about your upcoming newsletter, or offer exclusive access to your webinar through your newsletter to cater exclusively to your loyal following. Be consistent with providing unique content within your newsletter exclusively for your followers. In fact, your newsletter should be trendy and relevant to current events concerning your brand. 


  1. Exclusive Podcast Material 

To create an exclusive podcast for your listeners, you can allow only a select group of subscribers to listen in. Each episode should motivate your listeners to meet your bottom line, excite your audience, or improve your brand-follower relationship. So how do you make a public podcast exclusive? Your business can create a private network with specific podcast platforms or allow limited access that can also reward your loyal followers by allowing them and only them to listen to your exclusive podcast content. 


  1. Create On Your Own Terms 

A successful Patreon campaign will allow you to create a special offer campaign that caters to your followers and introduces them to your creative content. Patreon allows brands to create incentives for their customers by being a part of their following. Your fans can subsidize the content that’s unique to them with early access to clips, patron-exclusive tips, exclusive shout-outs, playing games and more. Simply choose a membership and start reaping the benefits. 


  1. Ask For Customer Feedback 

Send a survey to your loyal customers or create a poll that asks them for their opinion. However, when you ask your customers for their opinion, it’s important for you to take their opinion seriously. If they take the time to give you their feedback, take it to heart and tailor their experience around the feedback they’ve provided. 


  1. Invite Your Customers To A Special Event 

Your customers will enjoy coming to an exclusive event like an Easter egg hunt or client-appreciation banquet, and it’s a great way to draw new fans to your brand. Encourage your loyal customers to bring their family and friends to create new brand followers. You can also create an online registration of the customers that plan on attending your event and information on the friends and family joining them. Use the information collected to make them a part of your exclusive brand.  


Bottom line: Showing appreciation for your loyal customers will help them remain loyal and continue to want to be a part of your brand or business. In today’s marketing industry, the customer experience (CX) is the key to reaching your business objectives, retaining customers, and boosting your revenue. Remember, how well you treat your loyal followers will have huge rewards for both your brand and your following. 


For more ideas or if you have any questions about how to boost your customer-business relationship with digital marketing, contact us for a free consultation.