Engaging your audience

By now, you probably know that simply posting a blog post or a Facebook status may not be enough to best market your business or product. If your ultimate goal is sales, sign-ups, customer satisfaction or anything other, audience engagement in your social media is vital to reaching your goals. In addition to simply engaging your audience, you must know how to measure that level of engagement. Here’s how.

On Twitter:
With Twitter, it’s important to not just broadcast to your audience but engage what they do with those broadcasts. Make sure to look at the number of retweets you get and focus on the relevancy of each tweet to your audience. Be sure to reply to followers’ mentions and retweet their compliments and praise. In addition, ask questions to your audience and retweet appropriate answers.

On Facebook:
Just like on Twitter, make sure you’re involving your audience as much as you can on Facebook. Ask questions and gauge opinions then use those suggestions. Polls are a good way to get answers too. Utilize contests to get more followers, likes and feedback.

On Pinterest:
Pinterest is great for user engagement because followers can post directly to your page. Run a contest where followers can pin related items to your page and the winner is chosen by how many pins they post, or the most unique.

Ad campaigns:
The best thing about online advertising? You can track the engagement with the ads! Whether through a vendor or in-house, track the number of clicks your ad gets, the click-through rate and the impressions to gauge how to advertise to followers in the future.

Email campaigns:
Make the email personal. Set up an automated response to go out to a follower after they sign up for your product, newsletter, website or other. In it, thank them for their involvement and ask them what type of content they are interested in. Based on their response, formulate another email track that would appeal to them so they stay engaged with your business.