Coworking Space: Neat Idea or Not?

Ever go into Starbucks, or any coffee shop for that matter, and see a group of really cool, techy people? They’re hanging out together taking over about 2 or 3 tables, all with their laptops out and engrossed in some very deep, technical conversation that you know nothing about? And then, in the back of your mind you’re kind of thinking—they look so cool. Well maybe not you, but I think so. Those cool little cliques of people are often business work groups. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, web designers, marketers, freelancers, and basically people who work from home.  Yet, these freelancers get together a few days out of the week to create a work space together.

I like the idea of this. I think it’s valuable and lends itself to getting some synergy going. Still, some freelancers aren’t too keen on the idea of constantly going to coffee shops and at the same time they don’t necessarily want to conduct work from home every day.  For that group, there’s a solution.

Over the past few years, there’s been a rise of businesses that offer coworking space.  These are business communities with a single location that business owners can go to and have the ability to come and go as they please in an office-like setting. They can make friends, shoot the breeze around the water cooler, have appointments with clients, conduct team meetings, or really whatever it is that they want to do.  The spaces charge a monthly fee in exchange for your ability to utilize desk space, conference rooms, mail boxes, and more. The fees may vary according to what services you want to get and some of these business communities even offer one-day passes. If you’re having a large, one-time event but not interested in becoming a member then you can benefit from renting a room in the facility for a day.

Here’s a few locations around Atlanta that offer coworking space:

151 Locust – Avondale Estates

Roam – Alpharetta

Ignition Alley – Midtown