Case Study: South Atlanta Pediatric Practice


An established pediatric firm in South Atlanta seeking to grow its digital footprint with a desire to increase current patient retention and gain new patients as the practice expanded to a new location in a northwest Atlanta suburb.


Our client had no marketing team in place and relied on the Practice Manager to occasionally send out email campaigns and make posts on social media.


Our team started by developing an action plan to prepare for the launch of the new location and determine which methods of digital communication would improve patient retention. From there, we established a regular meeting schedule with the practice manager (and occasionally the providers) to get consistent updates on practice changes.

We completed keyword research to find out how we could gain traction in the local area where the new practice would open. We also improved the practice’s local business listings to ensure the practice could be found. We coordinated with the client to launch a new area on the website where appointment requests could be made, and we partnered with a third-party service to get more appointments.


When the new practice launched, they were pleased to gain 5 new appointments per week at their new office location through digital campaigns. They also improved open rates on email campaigns to current patients from 15% to 25% and gained 3-5 new website inquiries per month from current patients they wanted to retain.

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