Case Study: Chiropractor Office with Pain Management Specialty


A local chiropractor with 20+ years of experience in working with patients who suffered from conditions that caused chronic pain. This chiropractor extensively studied specific conditions and wanted to create more content, offer education, and resources to patients.


The chiropractor needed help with amplifying his message in an effective way that would not take away from his day-to-day practice needs.


First, we revamped this client’s entire WordPress website. The site was old, outdated and didn’t provide detailed information that would improve his organic search rankings. After researching keywords, we rewrote his content and used SEO software to gauge his current rankings. We launched a pay-per-click campaign to immediately boost website traffic as the organic results would take a while. We also launched a Facebook page and published his monthly virtual and in-person events and webinars to educate potential patients.Outcome

When the new practice launched, they were pleased to gain 5 new appointments per week at their new office location through digital campaigns. They also improved open rates on email campaigns to current patients from 15% to 25% and gained 3-5 new website inquiries per month from current patients they wanted to retain.


The chiropractor’s practice received an increase in event registrations by 50% that led to new patient visits. The organic SEO results also improved and the practice secured a Page 1 ranking in their local area (up from Page 3) which led to an increase in website traffic and appointment bookings.