Branding YOU

If you own a small business, you know the importance of marketing and advertising your services or product the best you can. You probably are utilizing the power of social media, outdoor advertising and customer service to keep your clients coming back. But are you marketing yourself as well as you should be?

To put this in perspective, I know a woman who owns her own successful business. In fact, the franchise she owns is considered the best in the whole state. However, she admitted to me she still has a lot to learn about how she could put her name out there better. Here some of our tips on creating a brand for Y.O.U.

1.) Make a LinkedIn profile and start making connections! This website is possibly the best thing since the invention of the rolodex. Create a profile, highlight your strengths, list your honors and start connecting with people. Those people know people, who know people, who know people etc. For more tips, see our Social Media Marketing Tips post.

2.) Organize your business cards. You probably go to quite a few events and conferences and probably come home with hundreds of business cards. Before you go and throw them in a drawer or your unorganized wallet, put them somewhere you can find them and group them according to last name, organization, profession etc. This will help when you need to reach out to potential clients and can easily find the person you are searching for.

3.) Start a blog (and keep up with it!) If you don’t sound like an expert on your business, how are potential clients or customers going to trust you sell them a good product or service? You may have a company blog, but it is important to keep one yourself. Become an authority in your industry. Highlight your blog on your LinkedIn profile, email signature and business card so people you meet can visit it and read about all the great things (work-related) you have to say!

4.) Get involved in the community. Community service and involvement is one of the best ways to reach people, especially if you have a small business. Join the local Rotary, Habitat for Humanity or animal shelter. You’ll be able to meet others you may make professional connections with while giving back at the same time!