How To Achieve Lower CPC for Facebook Ads: 3 Must-Know Tricks

Facebook advertising a must these days, but paying through the nose for it is still optional.  Here are three tricks you need to know to achieve lower cost per click (CPC) for Facebook ads.

1. Use a close-up shot of a person

Click-through rate (CTR) can change by as much as 70% depending on the image used. By increasing the click-through rate, the cost per click goes down to virtually nothing. So what kind of image is best to use? A dreamy landscape, a heart-warming animal, a cute cartoon, or a memorable logo? Actually, the most effective images incorporate a person, ideally a close shot of the person’s face. Even the most faceless corporate entities can and do achieve success with this strategy, for example, Progressive Insurance with its spokeswoman Flo.

2. Try before you buy

Just like you wouldn’t buy a house, a car, or airline tickets without looking into various possible alternatives, you shouldn’t throw money into a Facebook ad campaign and hope that pricey means good. Rely on sampling to try your ad out on a sample population, so you can estimate your cost per click. Not really sure about how sampling works? Here’s a great article from AdWeek that discusses it in detail.

3. Select an appropriate frequency

Frequency is a vital but often overlooked component when seeking ways to decrease cost per click, according to the folks at Boost Likes. “Frequency” refers to the number of times the same person sees your ad. For example, if one person sees your ad 100 times, your frequency is 100. Determine your campaign’s sweet spot when it comes to frequency and calibrate accordingly.

If you can take the time to adjust your campaigns based on these three recommendations, you’ll likely start to see a decrease in your ad spend or cost per click. Send us a message and let us know how your campaign is going!