5 Ways to Get Noticed on LinkedIn

Clickable banner to Request A Custom Social Media TrainingAs the largest networking site in the world, LinkedIn is home to a huge mix of opportunities. From relationship building to lead generation, LinkedIn is the place to be for professionals. However, many people wonder how to effectively market yourself on LinkedIn. While targeted lead generation and network expansion are possible, the right approach must be taken. If you want to build your business and your professional reputation there are few better places to turn to than LinkedIn. Discover how you can start getting noticed on the world’s largest professional networking site.

1. Post a Professional Photo

Your picture says a lot about you. Serving as your online identity and often first impression, your profile picture on LinkedIn should be selected carefully. Aim to post a professional headshot if possible. Your profile picture should be clear, professional, and simple.

2. Develop an Engaging Summary

Did you know that your summary on LinkedIn is one of the most important elements of your entire profile? If you want to be taken seriously on LinkedIn, spend some time developing an engaging summary. Think of your summary as your introduction. Your summary should describe the type of work that you do and the specific skill set that you offer. Your summary in many ways is your sales pitch, aim to entice. This is also a great opportunity to add in keywords that are relevant to your niche or industry. Just as Google has a search function, so does LinkedIn. The more relevant keywords that you plug into your summary and throughout your page, the more likely someone will find you in a LinkedIn search relevant to your job title, specialty, or industry.

Looking for an example of a great summary? Here’s LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner’s, professional summary.

3. Share and Publish Relevant Updates

If you want to get more attention on LinkedIn, be sure to post regularly. Every time that you make an update on LinkedIn, your update appears in your connection’s feed. Meaning, your face and tagline is being viewed more often. This is effective because not only are more of your connections “seeing” you, but you’re also showing that you’re an expert in your field by regularly posting updates.

In addition, be sure to utilize LinkedIn’s publishing features for additional views. With the ability to publish blogs directly, LinkedIn makes getting noticed even easier.

4. Participate in Discussions

If you are not already involved in at least 1 group discussion a week on LinkedIn it is time to start. Participating in group discussions on LinkedIn is a great way to keep up to date on the latest news in your industry while also connecting with like-minded professionals. Not sure where to find relevant groups? Simply locate the above tab at the top of your LinkedIn page. Under Interests, you will find a tab, Groups. Select this option to open up a world of possibilities. Just about every niche imaginable has a group on LinkedIn, so don’t delay in reaching out.

5. Create New Connections

Ultimately, getting noticed on LinkedIn relies on relationship building. A networking site at its core, LinkedIn is the ideal place to expand your network. What is the best way to do this? By adding new connections. While you shouldn’t connect with everyone and anyone, be open to building new relationships.

If you would like to reach out to a certain individual or group on LinkedIn, feel free to do so. However, make it personal and make it professional. You would be surprised how a little effort can go a long way. After all, there has never been a better time to start marketing on LinkedIn.