5 Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Your Sales

In our previous article we discussed two primary goals for a successful digital marketing campaign. The two goals are:

  1. Increase Sales, and
  2. Increase Participation

In this article, we look at five strategies that will both increase participation among your customer base, and bring in increased sales. Your business has an ideal market place and an ideal customer type for your products or services. A great digital marketing campaign focuses on, and capitalizes on both.

To really succeed you should:

  • Campaign in the right market niches
  • Use the most appropriate online vehicles and social media platforms
  • Attract the right customer personas

When you do those three things you will achieve your primary goal – to sell more. Once your campaign is off and running, you monitor your results, tweak the parts that need massaging, and emphasize the parts that are delivering good results. These strategies will maximize your results. The first two are more about where you run your campaign, the next three focus on the types of campaign.

1. Go Mobile

80% of all web traffic is accessed on a mobile device, not a desktop device. Your message, your call to action and your reward must all be easy, simple and speedy for your individual customer.

2. Use the Right Vehicles and Social Media Platforms

B2B and B2C companies do share the same cyberspace, but some prospective customers are more likely to use LinkedIn than Snapchat, say. They may all use Facebook, but you must make sure they find you on the part of Facebook that they use.

3. Offer a Flash Sale

The ‘Takeaway Close’ works. People respond to several emotional pulls – ‘Free’ and ‘Easy’ are two of them, the other is ‘Urgent’. Build up to the sale, encourage people to follow your posts and ads. Make them want to find out more, learn more and to get in line so they won’t miss out. Offer the great price (or other benefit you want to offer) to the first X people who buy, or to everyone who buys within 24 or 48 hours. Then the sale is over. The unlucky ones missed out. The lucky ones got the deal.

4. Start an Incentive Scheme

If you want repeat buyers, offer them something that will keep them buying. And offer a special ‘something’ to a select and successful few. Let’s say your customers pay $X for one item. Start a campaign, so for every one they buy they earn a 5% discount toward their 10th purchase. That means, their 10th purchase gets them a 50% discount.

Offer them a 10% discount off their next purchase for referring a new customer to you. Give the new customer an incentive to make a second purchase, then add them to the same incentive scheme that brought them in, in the first place. Obviously you decide on what the  incentives are, these are just simple examples.

5. Introduce a Newsletter

People like to feel part of a group, club or tribe. Help them to feel they belong to your group. Ask them to sign up for a newsletter, or for regular incentives. Make sure they know that in it they will find additional coupons, discounts and contests. These will keep them interested, and keep them buying. Many customers buy the same thing from different suppliers. This strategy encourages them to just buy from you, not your competitors.

Final Note

These are just five strategies to increase your customers’ participation, to bring in new customers, and to increase your sales. There are other strategies, and more detail associated with each one. They will all result in you expanding your reach growing your online footprint, and doing more business.


Photo credit: Campaign Creators