4 Online Marketing Trends You Need To Execute Before Year End

We are now halfway through a year of quickly evolving developments in online marketing. Audiences are more in need of fast and convenient content that fits their on-the-go lifestyles. Marketers must respond to these needs by providing instant, on-trend content on easy to use platforms that are mobile-friendly. These trends in online marketing are essential for small and mid-sized businesses to have in their arsenal. Read on to check out 4 online marketing trends you really need to consider planning or executing during the second half of 2016.

App Indexing

2016 is expected to be the year where we see a growth in-app indexing and we see it take its first steps toward maturity. According to Forbes’ predictions, app indexing will become more prevalent. With more and more internet users browsing with a mobile phone or tablet, having websites replaced by apps which “can do everything that websites can, except in more intuitive, convenient, accessible ways” is a step toward the future of the internet itself. If you run a tech company or have an app for your product/services then now is the time to act.

Mobile-friendly Websites

Along the same line as app indexing, mobile online traffic officially overthrew desktop internet navigation in 2015. This means that more consumers are doing searches on their mobile devices. It is no longer an option to have  just a “mobile-friendly” site. The longer a person has to wait for content to load, the less interested they are in staying on the website. Also, obtrusive ads that pop up to completely block out the screen will make your audience flee to a more mobile friendly site.

Instant Content in 8 Seconds or Less.

Docurated recently interviewed 72 marketing professionals who predicted  2016’s marketing trends. In this survey, some digital marketers revealed that we are in need of “content for an instant society” more than ever citing that most online audiences only have the attention span of a mere eight seconds. This means that content must grab their attention immediately, be easy to relate to, and “tap into that need for instant information.”

Live Streaming

In the same Docurated interview, other digital marketers affirmed that live streaming is another trend is swiftly gaining popularity in response to the online community’s desire for instant gratification. Recently live streaming through platforms like Periscope or Facebook Live have made their headway into online marketing. As a brand or company competing in today’s digital space, you need to “go where your audience is,” and become more visible on these platforms in order to open up opportunities to interact with your audience in real-time and personalize your brand.

Take Advantage of These Online Marketing Trends

It’s important to stay in sync with online marketing trends to remain relevant to your audience, especially if you are small or mid-sized business. Visibility is everything in terms of reaching the widest audience. If you aren’t implementing any of these trends yet, start with a strategy before you jump in. Even if you jot down your ideas on a napkin or into a short Word doc, you’ll find yourself approaching each trend with more focus and sustainability once you map it out first.