3 Online Marketing Ideas You’d Never Think Of

How many times have you seen a marketing idea and exclaimed, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Well, be ready to have your mind blown – and hopefully inspired – by these 3 online marketing ideas that hit it out of the park.

Krylon’s ‘first-ever Pinterest yard sale’

Krylon, the spray paint division of Sherwin-Williams, took to Pinterest during the summer of 2015 to showcase its product in a very unique way. The paint company took advantage of the 127 Corridor Sale, known as “the world’s largest yard sale,” which takes place on a 690-mile stretch of Highway 127 from Michigan to Alabama each August. Krylon dispatched a team of “DIY experts” to purchase “worthless” items from the sale and transform them with their spray paints. These items were then posted for sale on Pinterest, via their new buyable pin feature. The proceeds of nearly $2,000 went to charity. But Krylon was the real winner. According to CIO.com,

Krylon’s Pinterest following increased by 4,400 percent, and the company estimates it gained $2.7 million in earned media on a $200,000 budget. The campaign also won a 2016 Shorty Award in the Pinterest, Home & Décor category.

House of Cards goes all in

It’s just a TV show, right? You’d never know that if you visited the election website for House of Cards character Frank Underwood, who plays the US President. In fact, the show’s marketing team is so committed to this strategy that they aired a full campaign commercial for Mr. Underwood during a recent presidential debate, which promoted the launch of the show’s newest season. Needless to say, there was a tremendous fervor leading up to the drop of the new episodes, no doubt aided by this all-in marketing strategy.

Airbnb goes offline

While everyone is rushing to get as much content as possible online… on blogs, on websites, on apps… Airbnb decided to go offline with some of their content and everyone is taking notice. The Airbnb “Local List” has become an invaluable resource for travelers using the vacation rental service. The idea is simple. The company surveys their hosts for their recommendations to local establishments, then compiles the results in an illustrated PDF file, which can be downloaded from their site, such as this Local List for San Francisco. Despite all the advantages of having information available online, it turns out that often travelers still want to print something out, or at least have it available on their device when wifi isn’t.

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image credit: Shorty Awards